My Story


Schneur is a multi-disciplinary  designer with experience in the fields of Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Human-Centered Design. 

Schneur  thrives in positions where he can explore new ideas, be creative in his approach to tackling tasks, and consistently connect with others. He typically prefers collaborative work that allows him to exercise his verbal skills to communicate his visions and influence others. Schneur leans toward positions where he can quickly advance, pursue ambitious goals, and earn the recognition of his peers.


Schneur is described as,  outgoing, enthusiastic, cheerful, and likely interact with others easily. He seek out situations that provide  opportunities to meet new people and typically initiates conversations with strangers easily. Schneur tends to have a positive response to negative situations and can help others shift their point of view. He enjoys learning about new people and prefers to work in a collaborative environment.

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DBS Studios

Founder and Principle designer of DBS Studios, a full service creative agency. 

An award-winning team of innovative and talented designers in the intersection of art, science, and engineering .

Sharkk Products

A leading force in the consumer product industry where passion and excellence merge.

Skills and Abilities

Industrial Design

Speculative Design

Human-Centered Design

Graphic Design

Rapid Prototyping

3D printing -

PLA, Resin, Ceramic.

2D Fabrication - 

Laser, CNC.

Digital Modeling -

Fusion360, Solidworks.

Visualization - 

Adobe Creative Suite

Keyshot 3d

English - Native

Hebrew - Limited working proficiency



Montclair State University 

BFA - Industrial Design

Montclair, New Jersey.

Fall 2016 - Spring 2020

Minor in Innovation and received a certificate in innovation and 3d printing.

Moholy - Nagy University of Art and Design

Budapest, Hungary.

Spring 2019

Completed master's courses in furniture design, speculative design, and IOT design.

County College of Morris

AFA - Industrial Design

Randolph, New Jersey.

Fall 2014 - Spring 2016

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